Here you will find some of my best advice on learning to deal with difficult emotions, overcoming painful thoughts, and living life true to your goals and values. If you find something helpful, please feel free to share it. These teachings are meant to benefit everyone. Enjoy.


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Psychological flexibility: How love turns pain into purpose

What can we do to prosper when facing pain and suffering in our lives? More than a thousand studies suggest that a major part of the answer is learning psychological flexibility. Steven C. Hayes is one of the researchers who first identified that process and put it into action in the form of a popular acceptance and mindfulness method called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In this emotional talk, Hayes distills the essence of psychological flexibility down into a few easy to understand sentences. He takes viewers through a harrowing journey into his own panic disorder, to the very moment in his life when he made this life changing choice: I will not run from me. Hayes shows how making that choice allows us to connect with our own deep sense of meaning and purpose, arguing that taking a loving stance to your own pain allows you to bring love and contribution into the world

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Mental Brakes to Avoid Mental Breaks

How can we best deal with difficult or negative thoughts? Dr. Steven Hayes discusses language, cognition, and the science behind putting on the mental brakes.Steven C. Hayes is Nevada Foundation Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada. An author of 41 books and more than 575 scientific articles, he has shown in his research how language and thought leads to human suffering, and has developed "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy" a powerful therapy method that is useful in a wide variety of areas.

ACT Assessment

Here are a few useful assessment tools that can help you better understand yourself. This list is only a small part of what professionals use as ACT assessments -- these are here because I mentioned most of them in A Liberated Mind. Choose the ones most relevant to you, and use them on your ACT journey. If you are a professional you will want to join ACBS where scores of additional assessment devices are readily available. I will also soon have a new assessment app available on this website.

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