Bonus Material

Welcome to the Bonus Material section. This page lists different texts, videos, and audio-recordings to supplement and further illustrate the lessons inside my latest book A Liberated Mind.


Peace, Love, and Life.

– S

Steven C. Hayes


  • Bonus Video, A Journey with ACT. An exclusive behind-the-scenes recording with Steven C. Hayes, and his experience of doing ACT every day for nearly 40 years.

  • Flexibility Assessment: A simple tool to test yourself on the top signs that it’s time to work on your psychological flexibility (click here).
  • Guided Audio Meditation: A twenty-minute guided audio meditation narrated by Steven C. Hayes, helping you understand who you want to be in this world, and how you can overcome your inner barriers and obstacles (click here).
  • ACT in a Nutshell: The Cartoon Book of A Liberated Mind (with Esther M. Hayes). The most important metaphors and exercises summarized as beautiful and easy-to-understand cartoons (click here).
  • A Liberated Mind and Euthymia: This paper offers a short overview of the most important ideas inside A Liberated Mind. It is a commentary on the science of well being, published in the official journal of the World Psychiatric Association (click here).